Debt, Debt crisis, West Africa.


The resolution of the debt problem has continued to engage the attention of the international community. In reaction to the problem, many debtor countries have adopted structural adjustment programmes and various proposals have been espoused and, in some cases, implemented. Nevertheless, the debt crisis is far from being resolved. It is now patently clear that a more realistic solution to the problem is needed in the 1990s to break the debt trap. This forum graced by eminent bankers, offers another opportunity to re-examine the salient issues and proffer new ideas and suggestions on how best to address the situation. The paper is divided into four sections. Section I discusses the genesis, trend, structure and impact of the external debt countries in the ECOWAS sub-region, section II focuses on the policy responses to debt management, while in section III, some suggestions are offered for dealing with the problems. section IV contains the summary and some concluding remarks.

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The author is a staff of Central Bank of Nigeria.

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