Commercial banking, Credit facilities, Funds management, Small scale industries, Industrial development.


Industrial development involves the development of a technical arrangement that moves an economy from the traditional method of production to a more complex system of mass manufacture of a variety of goods and services involving technology and management techniques. Industrialization tends to propel growth and quicken the achievement of structural transformation and diversification of economies. It enables a country to utilize fully its factor endowments and depend less on the external sector for its growth and sustenance. Through industrialization, an economy gains the versatility and resilience that enable it to raise the standard of living of its people and cope better with internal stress and strain. Therefore, the the paper is divided into five sections. Section I reviews current credit facilities that are available to SSI and their level of support to the sub-sector, while Section II evaluates the system of credit administration to small scale industries. Factors militating against efficient credit administration are covered ln Section III, while recommendations for improving efficiency in credit delivery are contained in Section IV. The papers summarised and concluded in Section V.

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The author is a staff of the Central Bank of Nigeria.

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CBN Bullion





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