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The issue of persistent unemployment and overall manpower planning and utilization poses a great challenge to policy planners, human resources experts, and persons debating with employment programmed planning and implementation. Based on the experience of the NDE at promoting financial support for graduate employment promotion, there is a need for a sensitization programmed for public/commercial banks and other institutions on the need for lending to small and micro enterprises. This paper has examined Past policy measures for solving unemployment problems. There is strong need for institutional collaboration and improved coordination of policy measures for dealing with unemployment. It is evident that, the glaring disparities in the statistics by the advanced countries and that of Nigeria are traceable to differences in definition, concept and methodologies used to generate data. As a result of the peculiar nature of the Nigerian economy as well as most developing countries, where informal sector is large, the concept and definition would definitely differ and should take into account the socio-economic situation in each country. Since those in the informal and agricultural sectors are able to subsist from their income, they are excluded from the unemployed. They could be regarded as underemployed.

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The Author is a staff of Central Bank of Nigeria.

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CBN Bullion







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