Educational system, Unemployment, Nigeria


The educational process, formal or informal consciously created, represents an essential investment necessary for industrialization; such education must be planned to fit the needs of a changing society so that as the Urban complex grows and demands expand. Education is the key with which to unlock the economic potential of the people. In contemporary developing countries, there is an incongruous relationship between education and their economies. This is reflected in the rising pool of the phenomenon of educated unemployed more than ever before. This paper examines the increasing problem associated with unemployment in Nigeria. The author conclude that It is therefore clear that a new approach to educational development is clearly needed to address our educational deficits and determine whether we will have a productive workforce in the 21st century. Whether this shift will be enough to ensure the desired change in our society is a problem not for education alone, but also concerns all the other aspects of our national life. We should therefore all work together to make Nigeria great again.

Author Bio

The Author is the Hon. Minister of Education.

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CBN Bullion







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