Cornflakes production, Employment creation


Cornflakes production is a promising viable business considering the increasing rate of urbanizing and our penchant for fast foods. Moreover, the demands of children for breakfast cereals especially in preparation for school and even in leisure times made the cornflakes business a promising and worthwhile venture for consideration by any aspiring entrepreneur. This paper examines cornflakes production, machinery and equipment, production process, market potentials, production capacity, financing cornflakes production and necessary approvals. The study concludes that The value added in a gross output of about sixty small textile mills with a gross output of N1.014 Trillion is N0.670 Trillion. This means that the business is Profitable. On the face value, the cost of setting up a textile manufacturing is high. But it had been made clear that it is simpler, cheaper and more profitable to set up a small high quality Yarn spinning industry. This approximates the sedan mentioned earlier on and is more suitable to one aspiring to become an entrepreneur.

Author Bio

The Author is a staff of Raw Materials Research and Development Council, (RMRDC). Abuja, Nigeria.

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CBN Bullion







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