Neem tree, Job creation, Employment opportunities, Nigeria.


Neem, (Azadirachta indica A Juss) commonly called "Dogonyaro" in Nigeria, belongs to the Mahogany family Meliaceae. It is one of the most versatile and ecofriendly trees and is widely distributed in South Asia and parts of Africa including Nigeria. This paper examines opportunities in the manufacture of Neem based products, investment profile of neem based pesticide commercial plant, products, organic fertilizer production and neem enterprise development in Nigeria. The study conclude that the reality of the benefits of Neem has been brought to the knowledge of Nigerians by no other than the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Nigeria when on 20'n April, 2004, he Presided over a meeting with selected Governors, Ministers, his key officials, a few Government Agencies and an international Company interested in investing on Neem in the country. The development of a neem enterprise industry is likely to lead to a huge extension in tree planting by small peasant farmers who would now know that they would not have to wait for 10 to 1 5 years for the tree to develop as in other forestry projects.

Author Bio

The author is the Director General/Chief Executive of National Research Institute for Chemical Technology (NARICT), Zaria.

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CBN Bullion







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