Nigeria, Banking reforms, Bank consolidation.


Reforms are predicated upon the need for reorientation and repositioning of an existing status quo in order to attain an effective and efficient state The objective of this paper is, therefore, to present the conceptual framework for banking sector reforms. particularly, consolidation. The paper is divided into five sections. following the introduction, section ll conceptualizes the facets of reforms and conceptual issues on consolidation in the banking sector, while section ll discusses the critical success issues in banking sector consolidation. section IV presents concepts associated with country elements of banking elements of banking reforms, while section five concludes the paper. The paper observed that the fundamental objective of reforms is the repositioning of an existing status to attain an effective and efficient state consistent with best practices. Consequently, for banking industry reforms. intended to achieve the objectives of consolidation, competition and convergence, the nucleus remain that of firming up capitalization. Country elements reveal that various conceptualization of the reform processes are unique and proceed as the problems become evident,

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The Author is a staff of Central Bank of Nigeria.

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CBN Bullion







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