CBN, Post consolidation, Nigeria banking challenges


This paper tend to look at the huge complexity of a consolidation programme of the kind embarked upon by the CBN demands caution, constant reappraisal of strategies and actions, and full attention to the identified and emerging challenges. The paper is structured into three parts, dealing with the benefits of a properly conceived and effectively implemented consolidation programme, which has several components. beyond the benefits, the challenges that the banking industry stakeholders (especially the Central Bank of Nigeria) will face when the "dust settles". The final part offers some advice on what the CBN and other stakeholders should do in order to handle effectively the challenges identified. Finally, the paper concluded that, the bank consolidation brings some benefits to all the stakeholders of the banking system. Some of the obvious ones were discussed and represent the low hanging fruits of the prograrmme. Even at that, they must not be taken for granted, as efforts are needed to stay the course. Post consolidation, there are daunting challenges to the Central Bank, operators, investors and other stakeholders of the Nigerian banking system.

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The author is staff of Biodun Adedipe and Associates in Nigeria

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CBN Bullion







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