Investment, Pension scheme, Risk management, Contributory pension scheme.


The Pension Reform Act 2004 ("the Act"), a compul sory contributory pension scheme ("the scheme ' or CPS") has been established for all the categories of workers in the Federal public service, Federal Capital Territory , and in the private sector ( 'applicable sectors'). This paper attempt to discuss and examine the issues of investment and risk management that are essential to the success of the new Scheme, and highlight some of the benefits and limitations of the contributory pension scheme and its investment and risk management framework. The study concluded that, the new CPS, it is also pertinent to mention the need for developing a social security system that will cater for the unemployed, self employed, and other categories of persons whose lives may not feel the impact of this new Scheme. This should be the next challenge for the Government.

Author Bio

The author is a staff of standard Chartered Bank Plc. Nigeria.

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CBN Bullion






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