Investment, Pension scheme, Risk management, Contributory pension scheme.


Pension today, has become a topical issue. one that has engaged the commitment of government, attention of employers and workers not only in Nigeria but also in many developing and emerging economies of Africa, Asia and Latin America This paper discuss the trend of investments and pension schemes with its risks and challenges in Nigeria. The study however confirmed the non applicability of the financial reform theory hypothesized by McKinnon and Shaw in Nigeria.' . The National pension Commission guidelines as mentioned earlier, are designed to ensure transparency, integrity and objectivity in the vestment process. and to ensure that the investment decision taken by the PFAS adequately protect pension fund assets against inflation erosion and safeguard the retirement benefits of contributors However, the guidelines will be subjected to period/regular review by the Commission in line with changes in the market and regulatory environment.

Author Bio

The author is a staff of Sigma Vaughn Sterling Pension, Abuja, Nigeria.

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CBN Bullion






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