Pension scheme, Contributory pension scheme, Brazil, Pension reforms.


The reform of the pension industry in Nigeria was necessitated by many problems confronting both the public and private sectors pension schemes. The public sector operated largely the Defined Benefit - Pay As You Go (PAYG) scheme, which depended on budgetary provisions from various tiers of governments for funding. This paper discuss the conceptual issues of Contributory pension scheme in Brazil, the structure of the pension system and the features of the pension scheme as well as some other pension reforms in Brazil. The study concluded that. the pension systems were introduced into the country by the colonial administrators. The first legislative document on pension in Nigeria was the 1951 Pension Ordinance. Since its introduction, several other pension legislations have been promulgated on provision of pensions to the Nigerian workers. Similarly, circulars were issued to guide or alter the implementation of the pension laws. The last legislation on pension matters in the country is the Pension Reform Act 2004, which established a Contributory Pension Scheme and unified the administration and management of pension for both the Public and Private Sectors. lt established for the first time, a single Regulator to oversee both public and private pension schemes in the country.

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The author is a staff of West African Monetary Agency,(WAMA), Freetown,Sierra Leone.

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CBN Bullion






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