Electronic-banking, Problem, Prospects, Nigeria.


This paper explores the adoption of electronic banking [e-banking] in Nigeria. It examines the problems and prospects of e-banking in Nigeria from the consumer's perspective. The research findings show that a number of problems ranging from human, operational and technical constraints hinder the maximum utilization of services provided through e-banking channels in Nigeria. However, the results from the study have also revealed that despite these problems, the rate of adoption of e-banking services in Nigeria is phenomenal as banks have recorded outstanding successes in some areas. Nigeria is a consuming nation and based on the experience from other sectors of the economy that over depend on foreign technologies , [e.g energy sector], sustainability of the successes recorded is threatened considering the huge cost of acquisition and of replacing ageing infrastructures such as the ATM machines and the poor maintenance culture prevalent in all organizations in the country.

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Andrew O Agbada is a lecturer in the Banking and Finance Department of Igbinedion University, Okada, Nigeria.

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