Nigerian banks, Bank stability, Cooperate governance, Banking


The Nigerian Banking industry which is still evolving, has great potentials for positively impacting on the developing economy with over a hundred and forty million (140 million) people. Without a doubt, the industry has made noticeable progress and positive impact since its birth in the early 1890s, it would have achieved more had it not been bedevilled by occasional crisis. incidences of bank crisis in Nigeria, like in other jurisdictions, had led to bank shake-ups, failures and subsequent liquidations. Those outcomes gave rise to serious erosion of stakeholders' confidence in banking institutions and the system with far-reaching negative consequences for banking habits and culture across the country. Confidence in banks being a vital ingredient for the survival and growth of banks usually attracts the attention of both regulators and operators. This paper, discussed how corporate governance and professionalism can be employed to rebuild confidence in Nigerian banks. The study reveals poor leadership, unstable foreign and local guidelines as some of the weaknesses that stunted economy growth in Nigeria banks.

Author Bio

The author is staff of the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN), Lagos.

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CBN Bullion







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