Government revenue, Taxation, Revenue generation, Infrastructural development, Economic development, Nigeria


The paper analyses the federal government revenue vis-àvis the provision of socio-economic Volume 34, No. 4 October - December 2010 and infrastructural development in Nigeria from 1970 2008, the centerpiece, which is improved productivity and standard of living. To this end, the paper is divided into five sections. Following this introductory section, section two explains the concept of government revenue and infrastructural development as well as theoretical and empirical literature. In section three, we examine the sources and structure of government revenue. Section four focuses on the trend in government revenue and expenditure and the state of some infrastructure in Nigeria. It also discusses challenges of revenue generation and utilization for socioeconomic and infrastructural development, while recommendation was discussed in section five.

Author Bio

Obiechina, M.E. is a Staff of Central Bank of Nigeria.

Publication Title



No. 4


Volume 34



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