Corporate strategy, Competence, Performance, Bank Management, Nigeria


In the past three decades, the Nigerian banking industry has suffered from a host of vices namely miss-management, financial misappropriation, administrative recklessness, etcetera, reflecting incompetence on all levels of management and those have had dire consequences in the economy. In an attempt to re-position the industry on the path of performance, different governments in the past took various corrective steps to no avail. Thus this study seeks to explore the Core Resources of Corporate Strategy and Performance-oriented Bank Management best practice with a view to creating sustainable best practices in bank management in Nigeria. The findings from the study are quite robust with embedded policy implications for regulators and suggest that adopting a Competence-based strategy in recruitment and placement of bank employees at all managerial levels could and sustain performance in the banking industry in Nigeria.

Author Bio

Andrew O. Agbada (Animn; AITD; PhD)' is a lecturer in the Faculty of Management Science, Delta State University, Asaba Campus, Nigeria.

Publication Title

CBN Bullion


3 - 1


36 - 37



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