Financial soundness indicators, Marco-prudential analysis, Central Bank, DMBs


This paper adopted the concept as designed by the Fund to examine the soundness of the Nigeria Banking Sector from 3007Q1 to 20014Q4. From the result of the financial Soundness Indicators (FSIs) complied for Nigeria, it is obvious that the indicators can serve as reliable and consistent tools, capable of detecting vulnerabilities in the system. The study, therefore, recommends that adequate attention be paid to the indicators by the Central Bank. The Bank is urged to strive to gain full understanding of the concept as well as design additional framework for using the indicators so as to enable her take bold and proactive policy measures capable of entrenching discipline and corporate governance in the system so as to avert impending crisis or drastically reduce the potential impact of the crisis on the economy.

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The authors are staff of Statistics Department, Central Bank of Nigeria.

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CBN Bullion





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