Corporate communication, Measurement, Stakeholders.


This paper examines the concept corporate communications and measurement. After a definition of the concept and a brief review of related literature the paper identified three categories of communication namely management communication, organisational communication and marketing communication. This is followed by a literature review of corporate communication concepts which in also consists of 3 important elements: management instruments or tools; internal and external communication; and Stakeholders or audiences. The paper further examines implications of corporate of corporate communication; corporate communication process; and why measure corporate communications under which measurement and evaluation components and commons measure processes and the likely metrics are equally discussed. These methods include media content t analysis; publicity tracking or media evaluation; website analysis; trade/road shows and event measurement; and public opinion polls. The paper concludes by expressing optimism that corporate communication professionals will conduct more research in the areas of measuring processes, identifying and prioritizing techniques and methods that will help corporate communication departments, especially the nascent ones to support the communication strategy that will enhance the overall growth of organisations.

Author Bio

The author is staff of Corporate Communications Department, Central Bank of Nigeria.

Publication Title

CBN Bullion







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