Entrepreneurship, Assets, Entrepreneurial orientation, National development, Economic


This paper appraised the outcome of Entrepreneurial Orientation on national development . Entrepreneurial orientation (EO) deals with the level in which nations or firms strategically educate its citizens or members to promote entrepreneurial culture to gain economic benefits. EO entails dimensions of innovation, proactiveness and risk taking. It is held that entrepreneurial orientation is required for a successful national development. innovativeness ls the predisposition to engage in creativity and experimentation through the introduction of new products/ services as well as technological leadership and advancement. To drive home the aims of this investigation, relevant data were sourced from management journals, bulletin and the internet. The paper considers all the process of ministering the entrepreneurial personality, right from childhood to the time of retirement from active entrepreneurial practice, if ever possible. It also specifies development as a construct used to explain economic expansion.

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The authors are Omale, Sunday A. (PHD) and Chima, Kate O. (M.SC).

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CBN Bullion







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