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This paper examines the Mortgage sector of FSS2020 Strategy document which falls within the category of the drivers of the FSS2020 Strategy implementation blueprint. FSS2020 Mortgage: Vision and Mission. The paper further explores the Strategic Objectives of FSS2020 Mortgage Sector and the Transformational Programmes which includes: Ml - Establish a secondary mortgage market; M2 - Attract affordable international credit to fund affordable housing programmes; M3 - Advocate for mortgage ready and affordable housing. Three Transformational Programmes were designed to support the realization of the three objectives of the Mortgage Sector namely: TPl - Establishment of Mortgage Refinancing Companies (MRC) TP2 - SPV for the Development of Affordable Housing Clusters TP3 - Mortgage Asset Registry System (MARS) It is to be noted that Strategic objective M1 is supported by TP1; Strategic objective M2 is supported by IP2 while Strategic objective M3 is aligned to Tp3. The paper concluded with a description of the end-state of the Nigerian mortgage market by the year 2020 is therefore depicted with the following outlook: (a) Nigeria would have developed a mortgage market that is safe and profitable. A market that would have provided access to housing finance to over 30% at Nigerians in all social closes in urban centres to own their own houses; (b) a market that has multiple long-term funding sources including full integration with the Nigerian capital market where the value of listed mortgage backed securities will be at 20% of the market capitalisation of equities; (c) a market that would account for about 15% of the gross domestic product of the country, stimulating construction activities with attendant multipliers and providing up to l0% of the population with jobs. (d) a market that would provide Iong-term financing facility for mortgages of low interest rate and accessible to all classes of Nigerians.

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The author is a staff of the Financial System Stability, Central Bank of Nigeria.

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