Renewable Energy, Power Supply, Greenhouse Gas Emission, Kerosene, Fossil Fuel, Statistical Model, Solar Power.


The International Energy Agency (2017) reports affirmed that one in five people across the globe lack access to electricity and, about 2.8 billion people still lack access to clean cooking. The expected switch to liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), natural gas and electricity remains unimpressive. One-third of the world's population –2.5 billion people – still rely on the traditional use of solid biomass while another 120 million people cook with kerosene and 170 million with coal. Household air pollution from these sources is currently linked to 2.8 million premature deaths per year, and several billion hours are spent collecting firewood for cooking, mostly by women, that could be put to more productive uses (World Energy Outlook, 2017).

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Imandojemu, Kingsley is a staff of Statistics Department, Central Bank of Nigeria, while Akinlosotu, Nathaniel Toyosi is a Lead Consultant/Data Analyst at NaTisolusions & Services in Nigeria.

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