Company income tax, Company performance, Net income and return on equity


The study examined the impact of corporate income tax on the performance of the manufacturing sector in Nigeria from 2013 – 2017. The ex-post facto research design was adopted for this study. The population of this study covered all the 23 registered manufacturing firms dealing with consumable foods in Nigeria. The sample of five manufacturing firms, dealing with consumable foods in Nigeria which represent 35% of the quoted manufacturing firms on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) market was selected for the study. This study made use of the fixed and random effect regression technique. The result showed that company income tax had direct significant impact on net income and return on equity of manufacturing companies in Nigeria. It was recommended based on findings that company income tax receipt should be channeled by the government into judicious use such as the provision of social amenities like electricity and good road network.

Author Bio

Ogudu, George and Kingsley, Imandojemu are staff of the central bank of Nigeria while Akinlosotu, N. T is the lead consultant/ data analyst at NaTisolutions & services Ltd.

Publication Title

CBN Bullion







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