Economic growth, Economic development, Nigerian economy, Population growth, Dependency ratio, Life expectancy and VAR.


Taking cognizant of Nigeria's recent policies toward translating growth to meaningful development, this study aimed at analysing causality amid economic growth and development using annual series from 1960-2019.The study engaged vector autoregressive method by embracing Toda and Yamamoto 1995 model. The results reveals a bidirectional causality between economic growth and dependency ratio; population growth rate and economic growth and also it reveals the evidence of uni-directional causality from dependency ratio to life expectancy and from population growth to life expectancy. But economic growth and life expectancy as well as dependency ratio and life expectancy does not present evidence of causality.

Author Bio

Muhammad Umar is a staff of Department of Economics and Development Studies, Faculty of Art, Management and Social Sciences, Federal University Gashua, Yobe State, Nigeria

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