Business Strategies, Disruption, Uber Nigeria, Competitiveness, Taxi operators.


This study examined Uber's strategies and competitiveness of taxi business in its areas of operation in Nigeria and how these strategies are disrupting taxi business in Lagos and Abuja metropolises. Two objectives were explored and the hypotheses were structured in line with set objectives. The study adopted the survey research design. Data were collected using primary and secondary sources The primary data were obtained from 191 respondents using a structured questionnaire designed in five points Likert scale. The respondents comprised a selected number of taxi independent operators and Uber mobile App users in Lagos and Abuja metropolises while the secondary data were obtained from Uber Nigeria Database. The tests of hypotheses were carried out using simple regression analysis with the aid of the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) version 21. The findings of the research showed that Uber's strategies have a significant influence on the disruption of the taxi business in its areas of operations in Nigeria. It also discovered that Uber's technology innovation strategy has a significant influence on the competitive advantage in its areas of operations in Nigeria. Therefore the study concludes that Uber has developed business strategies, and that these strategies to a large extent have enabled Uber Nigeria to gain large market share, competitiveness over its rivalries, customer loyalty, high profit, and projected longer-term sustainability. The study recommends that the firm should expand to other geographical areas in Lagos in particular, and other states in Nigeria generally, in other to gain more market share and profit. The firm should focus more on research and development to improve on the App-based innovation, and also using the technology innovation strategy, the firm should endeavour to target the segment of the market that has been neglected by the existing taxi operators

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Dr. Ann Ogbo & Dr. Rose Nwaobasi are staff of Department of Management, University of Nigeria, Enugu.

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CBN Bullion





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