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Occasional Paper


The paper reviews the crucial role of Small-Scale Enterprises (SSEs) in facilitating industrial development; some special advantages of existing credit schemes to small-scale enterprises: the peculiar handicaps which SSEs face, the most crucial being poor access to development finance, and highlights areas and ways in which credit guarantee and insurance schemes for SSEs could increasingly contribute to their development and growth in Nigeria. Notable among the credit schemes and institutions reviewed are the Small-Scale Industries Credit Scheme (SSICS) introduced in 1971; the Nigerian Bank for Commerce and Industry (NBCI) established in 1978: the Nigerian Industrial Development Bank (NIDB); the Central Bank of Nigeria's credit guidelines for SSEs under the Bank's Monetary Policy Guidelines: and the Central Bank's Rural Banking Programme. effective from 1979. Other relatively new schemes and institutions also covered, include the National Economic Reconstruction Fund (NERFUND); the World Bank sponsored Small and Medium-Scale Enterprises Loan Scheme (SMEX); the Nigerian Export and Import Bank (NEXIM): the People's Bank of Nigeria (PBN) and the Community Banks.

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Spring 3-1993