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Urbanization and Related Socio-economic Problems in Ibadan Area


This paper traces the evolution of urbanization in Ibadan area to political, institutional, economic and social factors. It broadly classifies the socio-economic problems of urbanization in Ibadan area into environmental crisis, crime/violence and urban poverty. Relying on secondary data and published materials, it identifies the major environmental problems as solid waste, flooding and water pollution, with the sanitation and eating habits of the people playing a great role in all of them. Dispossession-related crimes, particularly stealing and theft, are considered the most prominent of all the recorded crimes while violent crimes (mostly assaults) are found to be relatively few. For an assessment of urban poverty in Ibadan, proxies of social indicators examined revealed a certain level of poverty in the areas of health care delivery, water supply, housing, transportation and street trading. After reviewing some of the major existing measures adopted in Ibadan area, the paper proffers a number of recommendations. They include the re-introduction of sanitary inspection system, expansion of existing water schemes and the adoption of mini water works method, creation of employment opportunities and the decongestion of Ibadan metropolis through the new town and decentralisation methods. The paper concludes, among others, that availability of funds, as well as their proper management, is necessary for an effective implementation of the suggested measures for the amelioration of the identified socio-economic problems in Ibadan area.

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