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National Economic Development Planning: review of Nigeria's performance and future prospect


This paper took a global view of development planning as operational tool for rapid economic growth and social advancement. It reviewed Nigeria's planning experience which achieved varied degrees of successes especially in the areas of education, social and economic infrastructure. It also noted that achievement levels for all the successive plans were generally below expectations. In order to improve on plan performance and turn the economy around, the paper suggested, the need for quickening the process of preparation and launching of a perspective plan for the country; setting up of central planning agencies at the State and. Local Government levels to co­ ordinate and harmonize plans, projects and programmes; consistency and continuity of plan policies, projects and programmes; training of staff handling development planning matters; project monitoring and evaluation; adequate funding to complete core plan projects; development of data gathering culture among all public and private sector organizations; and fair enforcement and application of laws and regulations to rip the economy out of corruption.

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