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Legislative-Executive Relations and the Budgetary Process in Nigeria: an evaluation of the 1999 Constitution.


Since the transition to civilian rule in May 29, 1999, the country has witnessed conflicts between the legislature and the executive over budget matters. These conflicts are not only restricted to the federal level but also a common phenomenon at the state government level. This paper discussed the poor relationship over the budget matters and made suggestions on how to improve the process. The paper surveyed the literature on the legal framework of the budgetary process in several countries. Thereafter, the paper examined the legal framework for the budgetary process in Nigeria as well as the issues involved. The paper concluded that the 1999 constitution grants extensive powers to the legislature over budgetary matters such as unlimited powers of amendment of the draft budget, auditing and monitoring and unlimited time frame for the approval of the budget. Finally, the paper suggested that the powers though necessary for the purpose of checks and balances, however, should be exercised with caution.

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