Economic and Financial Review


N. E. Ogbe


Central Bank of Nigeria, Research Department


Commercial banks, Credit operations, Loans and advances, Indigenous borrowers, Credit distribution, Loan security, Maturity of loans, Nigeria


The objective of the paper is to analyze the state distribution of commercial bank loans and advances from 1972 to 1975. The analysis is based on the former twelve state structure, mainly because during the period covered by the study, the country was divided into twelve states. The year 1972 is chosen as a starting point because banking statistics on state basis were first available in that year. The analysis is based on the statistical returns by the banks in respect of their operations in each of the states of the federation.





Recommended Citation

Ogbe, N.E, (1978). A comparative analysis of the structure of commercial bank credit operations in Nigerian states: 1972-1975. CBN Economic and Financial Review, 16(2), 34-56



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