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Central Bank of Nigeria


Foreign Investment, Nigeria


A review and appraisal of foreign investment policies and strategies in Nigeria is undertaken in three sections. Section one presents the historical evolution of the policies under three different types of political administration, namely, the colonial era, the civilian administration of the first republic ( 1960-1965). and the military regime which held the reigns of political power for thirteen years (1966-1979). Section two analyses data on private foreign investment in Nigeria. The third section rounds up the discussions with an appraisal of the existing approaches and the concluding observations.

Author Bio

C. E. Enuenwosu is the Director of Research, and C. E. Nemedia is a Deputy Director of Research, Economic Policy Unit, central Bank of Nigeria

Publication Title

CBN Economic and Financial Review





Recommended Citation

Enuenwosu, C. E. & Nemedia, C. E. (1980). Policies and Strategies Towards Foreign Investment in Nigeria. CBN Economic and Financial Review. 18(1), 5-20.



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