Economic and Financial Review


F O. Oresotu


Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Research Department


Commercial bank loans, Banking-Nigeria, Nigeria economy


The main objective of the paper, according to the author, is to specify and estimate the demand and supply functions of commercial banks loans and advances "with a view to identifying those factors that influence both variables in Nigeria." The study's conclusion is also very crucial. All economic variables theoretically justified as explanatory variables of the demand and supply functions are not supported by the study as appropriate explanatory variables. The study thus negates all theoretical claims without any suggestion of what variables should explain these important dependent variables.





Recommended Citation

Oresotu, F. O. (1986). Specification and estimation of demand and supply functions of commercial banks' loans and advances in Nigeria: 1961 – 1983: Comments, CBN Economic and Financial Review, (EFR), 24(1), 65-69.



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