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The widespread concern expressed about possible adverse effects of late arrival of rains abated slightly towards the end of the quarter. This was because in the south, middle belt and sudan savannah regions, the level of rain allowed early crops like maize, yam, groundnut and vegetables to be planted, nurtured and in some cases harvested. In the northern parts of the country, especially the sahelian zones, farmers experienced their first rains which facilitated land preparation activities as well as plan ting, especially in Kaduna, Bomo and Sokoto states. A total of 130, 952.35 tonnes of fertiliser were discharged at the ports during the quarter, bringing total procurements since the beginning of the year to 284,689.99 tonnes. Outbreak of pests such as rodents, quelea birds, grass-hopper attacks reported during the first quarter, however lingered on.

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The authors are staff of the Agricultural Studies Office, Sectoral Studies Division, Research Department, Central Bank of Nigeria

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CBN Economic and Financial Review





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Central Bank of Nigeria (1987). Developments in the Agricultural Sector during the Second Quarter of 1987. CBN Economic and Financial Review. 25(2), 9-13.



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