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Central Bank of Nigeria


Finance, Inter-Sectoral Financing, Nigeria


The report shows that the domestic economy was able to finance a sharp increase in capital formation in 1986. Insurance, Oil and Non-oil Businesses and Households, were the net surplus sectors while the governments (Federal and State), Commercial Banks, and OJi.er financial institutions excluding Insurance Companies were the net deficit sectors. Analysis of the financial intermediation during the year showed that lending by the banking system to the economy increased by subtantially more than the increase in the various sectors' deposits with the banks. Activities in the financial markets were dominated by transactions in foreign exchange which accelerated sharply during the year. There were also sizeable disposals of investments in government debt by commercial and merchant banks and of currency and deposits by the business sectors.

Author Bio

The authors are staff of the Flow of Funds Office, Domestic Finance Division, Research Department, Central Bank of Nigeria

Publication Title

CBN Economic and Financial Review





Recommended Citation

Central Bank of Nigeria (1987). Inter-Sectoral Financing in Nigeria: 1986. CBN Economic and Financial Review. 25(2), 25-34.



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