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Central Bank of Nigeria


Agriculture, Agricultural Sector, Economy, Fourth Quarter, Nigeria


With the emergence of the dry season and harmattan in most parts of the country, very little farming activity took place during the fourth quarter of 1987. Rather, some northern states, namely, Bauchi, Niger and Sokoto reported serious drought with grasshopper infestations which damaged thousands of hectares of farm crops. However, a total of 124,788 metric tonnes of fertilizers were distributed to farmers across the country in preparation for the next farming season. This figure represents a decrease of 41.6 per cent over the level in the preceding quarter.

Author Bio

The authors are staff of the Agricultural Studies Office, Sectoral Studies Division, Research Department, Central Bank of Nigeria

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CBN Economic and Financial Review





Recommended Citation

Central Bank of Nigeria (1987). Developments in the Agricultural Sector during the Fourth Quarter of 1987. CBN Economic and Financial Review. 25(4), 8-12.



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