Economic and Financial Review


O Ojo


Central Bank of Nigeria, Research Department


Food policy, Food security, Developing economy, Nigeria


The focus of the paper is on the effectiveness of food policy in Nigeria in the last two decades. Government, in pursuit of its stated food policy objectives adopted a wide range of policy instruments and measures since the early l 970s. The impact of such measures has not been commensurate with the huge expenditures allocated for their prosecution. However, based on the widespread impact and awareness generated among farmers, the ADPs represented a fairly successful tool of mobilizing the smallholders. The input supply and subsidy programme and the various agricultural credit schemes were not as successful as the ADPs owing to insufficient planning and lack of their orientation to the needs of the smallholders. The overall low impact of food policy could be attributed to endogenous problems such as the weakness in food policy design and execution and exogenous problems rooted in the absence of sufficient linkages between food and other economic policies. To correct this situation, the paper recommends that more concerted and programme-oriented efforts be made to support the smallholders, while necessary adjustments should be made to restructure those institutions involved in policy implementation. In conclusion,four factors that are critical for the attainment of food security in Nigeria are identified. These are the full commitment to exploiting the local resource base rather than over dependence on the outside world for innovations, efficient management of resources at all levels, timely changes in policies and political will to reorientate all institutions charged with policy design and execution.





Recommended Citation

Ojo, O. (1988). Food policy in Nigeria: an analysis of the issues and problems of achieving food security in a developing economy. Economic and Financial Review, 26(1), 41-55



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