Economic and Financial Review


O. M. Fakiyesi


Central Bank of Nigeria, Research Department


Assymetric price risk, Econometric analysis, Sow farrowings


A review of Russell Tronstad and Thomas J. McNeill's "Asymmetric price risk an econometric analysis of aggregate sow farrowings, 1973-86" The objective of the paper therefore, is to investigate the appropriateness of incorporating asymmetric price risk (APR: unfavourable deviations) and symmetric price risk (SPR: favourable and unfavourable deviations) in economecric models of supply response. Specifically, the authors seek to investigate the usefulness of such models in explaining the US aggregate sow farrowings. This is an alternalive form of measuring price risk.





Recommended Citation

Fakiyesi, O. M. (1990). Asymetric price risk an econometric analysis of aggregate sow farrowings, 1973-86 byRussell Tronstad and Thomas J. McNeill in American Journal of agric. Economics, August, 1989. CBN Economic and Financial Review, 28(2), 59.



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