Economic and Financial Review


E. O. Essien


Central Bank of Nigeria, Research Department.


European community, Nigerian economy, Economic integration, African-Caribbean-Pacific (ACP).


The article focuses on the implications of the proposed integration and the consequences for the Nigerian economy, with particular emphasis on merchandise, trade and the general flow of resources. The essay, which is largely analytical and descriptive, is divided into five parts. Part one discusses some theoretical aspects of integration, as the idea behind the creation of the European Community has been projected as a practical demonstration of the relevance of the concept. Part two reviews and analyses the formation of the European Community as well as the current area of Economic Association of Nigeria with the Community. As analysis of the single European Act which came into existence in 1986 is covered in part three, part four deals with the expected impact of the Community's integration on the Nigerian economy, while part five contains some recommendations, summary and conclusion.





Recommended Citation

Essien, E. O. (1991). The implications of full European integration in 1992 for the Nigerian economy. CBN Economic and Financial Review, 29(1), 35-55.



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