Economic and Financial Review


E.U. Olisadebe


Central Bank of Nigeria, Reaserch Department.


Exchange rate, Nigeria Economy, Foreign exchange, Structural Adjustment Programme (SAP).


It is the purpose of this paper, therefore, to review and appraise the exchange rate policy measures, especially the most recent ones. To place the analysis in its proper perspective, the paper is divided into five sections. Section I articulates the conceptual and theoretical framework and contains a review of current naira exchange rate policy. Section II outlines the policy measures undertaken so far while the appraisal of the policy measures is attempted in Section III. Section IV suggests measures that would ensure a viable and stable naira exchange rate. The last section contains the summary and conclusions.





Recommended Citation

Olisadebe, E. U. (1991). Appraisal of recent exchange rate policy measures in Nigeria. CBN Economic and Financial Review, 29(2), 156–185.



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