Economic and Financial Review


P. A. Ogwuma


Central Bank of Nigeria, Research Department.


Financial services, Legal tender, Currency, External reserves, Monetary stability, Government.


The objective of this paper is to examine the various monetary and banking policy measures which the CBN had applied both in the past and now in carrying out its functions and the role banking legislation plays in this regard. To this end, the paper is organised in four parts. Part I examines the legal and macroeconomic environment in which the Bank discharges its responsibilities. Part II reviews the measures taken by the CBN over the years in performing its functions while Part llI identifies the problems which constrains CBN's performance, the external influences which cause or aggravate these problems and the role which banking legislation could play in resolving them. Part IV provides the summary and conclusion.





Recommended Citation

Ogwuma, P. A. (1993).The role of The Central Bank of Nigeria in monetary and banking policy measures. Economic and Financial Review, 31(3), 151–157.



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