Economic and Financial Review


J. O. Sanusi


Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Research Department


Banking supervision, Banking-Nigeria


This article provides an operator's viewpoint to the supervision of the Nigerian banking industry. It examines issues like: the regulatory environment; objectives of banking supervision; importance of banking supervision; approach to banking supervision; identity of interest of supervisors and operators; and benefits of banking supervision/examination to operators. The Challenges of banking supervision in Nigeria is also discussed as well as recommendations on how to resolving these challenges are provided. This includes measures like: provision of adequate resources training; probity fairness and firmness; presentation of examination reports; submission of examination reports; follow-up and monitoring; imposition of sanctions; sourcing personnel from the operators; extension of supervision to related companies





Recommended Citation

Sanusi, J. O. (1994). Supervision of banking industry in Nigeria: an operator's viewpoint, CBN Economic and Financial Review, (EFR), 32(3), 337-343.



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