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The paper undertakes a critical evaluation of economic management strategies and associated programmes in Nigeria in the last twenty-five years in the context of its overall goals of increased prosperity for the populace, equitable distribution of achieved prosperity and sustaining the levels of living standards. The findings indicate negative outcomes in respect of these basic objectives. The paper then identifies some critical areas of economic management that have constrained full commitment to the pursuit of the primary goals as a result of which some policy recommendations are proposed. These include the need for macroeconomic stability, reduction and rationalisation of public - sector role in the economy, enhanced role for the private sector, intensified diversification of the economy, radical reform of external trade policy, promotion of political stability and the adoption of a comprehensive approach to national economic management.

Author Bio

The author is a staff of the Central Bank of Nigeria

Publication Title

CBN Economic and Financial Review





Recommended Citation

Ojo, M. O. (1995). The Challenges for Economic Management in Nigeria. CBN Economic and Financial Review. 33(2), 90-110.



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