Economic and Financial Review


A. O. Koyejo


Central Bank of Nigeria, Research Department.


Computerization, Central Bank of Nigeria, Information technology, Information systems strategy, Consolidated Accounting System (CAS), Government Securities System (GSS).


The Computer Services Department was established in the Bank in the late seventies as an office in the Organization & Method (O&M) Division of the then Financial Systems & Control Department. Core members of staff were drawn from the existing personnel within the Bank on the basis of aptitude tests. The Computer Systems Office later metamorphosed into Computer Systems Division under the same department in 1980 and was headed by an expatriate contract officer. In 1986, the Computer Systems Division became the Computer Services Department with the following key objectives: - Operation and control of the existing computer systems; - Design, development and implementation of new computer systems to satisfy the Bank's business needs; - Advising management on the use of computer technology, and Information Technology (TT) training; and - Achievement of the above objectives in a cost-effective manner. The year 1989 marked the watershed in the history of the deparment. In that year and subsequently, the top management of the department changed hands and seasoned computer professionals were recruited from outside the Bank to run the affairs of the department. Significant changes have also taken place in the business requirements of the Bank. These changes have created challenges and opportunities which will be addressed in this paper.





Recommended Citation

Koyejo, A. O. (1995). Computerization in the Central Bank of Nigeria: the challenge and response. Economic and Financial Review, 33(4), 449-459.



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