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Central Bank of Nigeria


Foreign Direct Investment, Korea, Investment Environment, Korea Exchange Bank


Korea opened its doors to foreign investors in 1962 to raise capital for economic development. As at end-1994, the total accumulated volume of Korea's Foreign Direct Investment (FOI) on an approved basis amounted to US $12,525 million financing 4,709 projects. The conclusion of the Uruguay round and the establishment of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) which linked the global economy to free flows of trade and investment, are new challenges facing Korea in the search for ways to cope with the emerging era of unlimited competition. Tae-Hyon's paper attempts to review the trends in FDI and the recent incentives to promote a healthy environment in Korea which would provide the impetus for a much higher level of foreign capital inflow. The article is organised in four parts. Part I is the introduction, Part II presents Korea's recent trends in FOI, Part III focuses on recent changes to improve the investment environment, while Part IV concludes the paper.

Author Bio

The author, Newman C. Oputa is a Senior Economist, Research Department, Central Bank of Nigeria

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CBN Economic and Financial Review





Recommended Citation

Oputa, N. C. (1996). Cho Tae-Hyon: "Foreign Direct Investment in Korea: Recent Trends and Changes to Improve the Investment Environment", Korea Exchange Bank Quarterly, First Quarter, 1995, Vol. xxx, No. 1. CBN Economic and Financial Review. 34(1), 541-543.



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