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The paper defines poverty as certain disabilities such as the inability to participate with dignity in society. It also demonstrates that in measuring poverty, emphasis should not be mainly on income or consumption, hut that cognizance should be taken of social, economic and basic infrastructures as well as environmental factors. The paper farther mentions some inherent problems in measuring poverty such as conceptual and data problems. Once these problems are overcome, a simple head count could provide an insight into poverty measurement. J11e depth and severity of poverty can be determined by the P-Index which captures the number of the poor, the poverty gap and income distribution below the poverty line. The paper concludes with recommendations on how to overcome the problems and i1111ir111·e the measurement of poverty in Nigeria.

Author Bio

Dr. A. Englama is a Principal Economist, while Mr. A. Bamidele is a Senior Economist, in the Research Department of the Central Bank of Nigeria

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CBN Economic and Financial Review





Recommended Citation

Englama, A. & Bamidele, A. (1997). Measurement Issues in Poverty. CBN Economic and Financial Review. 35(3), 315-331.



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