Economic and Financial Review


A.I. Ango


Central Bank of Nigeria, Research Department.


Corruption, Development, Developing countries, World Bank


A review of the paper "corruption and development". The author examined the issue of corruption and its effect on development with special reference to the developing countries where it is more pervasive and is one of the major factors responsible for the stunt growth of their economies. Also, the role played by the World Bank in assisting any anticorruption effort by various governments and international organisations was highlighted. The paper is broadly divided into four major sub-headings viz: costs and causes of conuption; corruption and the organization of government; reform programs and conclusion.





Recommended Citation

Ango, I.A. (1999). Corruption and development (Susan Rose-Ackerman, The World Bank Conference on Development Economics, 1997, pp. 35 - 57, April 1998). CBN Economic and Financial Review, 37(1), March,1999. 51 - 53



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