Economic and Financial Review


Central Bank of Nigeria, Research Department.


Central Bank of Nigeria, Challenges, Financial policies, Financial systems


The paper highlights the challenges which may confront central banks in the discharge of their inter-dependent responsibilities as they go into the next millennium and the 21st century rolls along. Section II provides a bird's eye-view of the evolution of central banks, Sections Ill and VII examine the challenges likely to face central banks in sustaining monetary policy and price stability, the stability of the financial system, exchange rate stability, management of central banks operations and the often referred to ' millennium bug', taking cognizance of the fact t9at "the essence of Central Bank's thinking ... is looking through time, through the medium-term into the long-term."2 The paper is concluded in Section V.





Recommended Citation

Shamsudden U. (1999). Central Bank of Nigeria in the year 2000 and beyond: challenges for the Central Bank of Nigeria. Economic and Financial Review, 37(4), 6-8.



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