Economic and Financial Review

Alternative Title

a review


E. N. Egbuna


Central Bank of Nigeria, Research Department.


Food production, Food aid, Agriculture, Population, Africa.


The article started with the assertion that food production in Africa was not keeping pace with rapidly growing needs of the people. Also, that despite the massive food aid programs in the l 970's which were considered temporary solutions to the extreme famines of those days, Africa food shortage appears to be worsening such that at the beginning of the millennium, Africa was even more dependent on food aid than it was 35 years ago. Therefore, the paper attempted to highlight the reasons for this situation and suggest ways to address the problems. The author pointed out the following facts about Africa: • That though total food production in Africa in real terms had increased from an index of 100 in 1965 to 221 ip 1998, it declined on per capita basis, from 100 to 86 over the same period (FAO, 1991 ). • That Africa's land potential was still largely untapped (FAO, 1991). • That many African countries that were food exporters have become net importers. • Some Africa countries are becoming highly dependent on foreign aid while others have increasing food bills, which became a serious budgetary and political obstacle to growth and development.





Recommended Citation

Egbuna, E. N. (200). "Food production or food aid? an African challenge": a review. Economic and Financial Review, 39(1), 73–75.



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