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Thoughts. on appropriate conceptualization, measurement and accurate characterization of determinants of poverty has a long history. From analytical perspective, thinking about poverty can be traced back at least to the codification of poor laws in medieval England, through to the pioneering empirical studies, at the tum of the century, by Booth in London and by Rowntree in York. Rowntree's study, published in 1901, was the first to develop a poverty standard for individual families, based on estimates of nutritional and other requirements. In the 1960s, the main focus of poverty debate was on the level of income, reflected in macro - economic indicators like Gross National Product per capita.

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Prof. D. O. Ajakaiye and Dr. V. A. Adeyqe are staff of Nigerian Institute for Social and Economic Research (NISER), lbadan.

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CBN Economic and Financial Review





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Ajakaiye, D. O. & Adeyeye, V. A. (2001). Concepts, Measurement and Causes of Poverty. CBN Economic and Financial Review. 39(4), 8-44.



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