Economic and Financial Review

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F.O. Odoko


Central Bank of Nigeria, Research Department.


Poverty, Economic development, Investment climate


This is a review of “A Strategy for Development” presented by Nicholas Stern at the World Bank Annual Conference on Development Economics in 2001. Stern, details a strategy for development that draws on several perspectives. He puts forward two pillars as the basis for this strategy: building an investment climate that facilitates investment and growth and empowering poor people to participate in that growth. He surmises that both elements are crucial for fighting poverty. This is an important contribution to the debate on development and brings to it refreshing insights into what must be done to accelerate development.





Recommended Citation

Odoko, F. O. (2002). A srategy for development (2001). World Bank Annual Conference on Development Economics, Economic and Financial Review, (EFR), 40(3), 115-117.


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