Economic and Financial Review


O.A. Uchendu


Central Bank of Nigeria, Research Department.


Bretton Wood Institutions, Monetary management, Exchange rate system, Balance of payments, Paris Club debt


The purpose of this paper is to discuss the role of the Bretton Woods Institutions (The World Bank Group and International Monetary Fund, IMF) in global monetary management with particular emphasis on the Funds relationship with Nigeria. The Bretton Woods Institutions have statutory responsibility to interact with member countries. However, this relationship has been misunderstood probably because of their perceived "intrusive" nature. The paper concluded that the Institutions have had important role to play in global monetary management and expected that this role will continue in the future to the extent that it is to the best interest of the world economy. This axiom is also applicable in the case of Nigeria.

Author Bio

Dr. 0 . A. Uchendu, is a Deputy Director/Special Assistant to the Governor, Central Bank of Nigeria.





Recommended Citation

Uchendu, O.A. (2003). Monetary management and the current role of Bretton Woods Institutions. Economic and Financial Review, 41(1), 23-34.

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