Economic and Financial Review


Research Department, Central Bank of Nigeria


Private sector, Macroeconomics, Regional integration, West Africa


The private sector is noted to be more efficient than the public sector in terms of ownership, allocation and productive efficiencies based on empirical and theoretical studies thus the objective of the paper centered on the need to explain the problems of the private sector in West Africa and how regional monetary integration could alleviate some of them. The paper is structured into five sections namely; Section one looks at the theoretical perspective of the efficiency of the private sector, Section two traced the evolution of macroeconomic policies viz-a-viz economic development in the West African Monetary Zone {WAMZ), Section three discussed the role of monetary integration in facilitating private sector development in the WAMZ, while Section four outlined the macroeconomic constraints that inhibit private sector development in the region. The paper ended with a conclusion and some recommendations.





Recommended Citation

Ojibara, R. A. (2003). Unshackling the private sector in West Africa: regional integration and macroeconomic perspectives by Addison, E. K. Y. - a review. Economic and Financial Review, 41(3), 127-130

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